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Lash Detective: How WiNKED Finds the Best Artists! 🕵️‍♀️

Hey WiNKED Fam,

It's WiNKED Wednesday, and this week we're pulling back the curtain to reveal a secret peek at the process behind building our amazing WiNKED Lash Team! As you know, busier seasons are upon us, and that means welcoming new lash artists to our little WiNKED family. But finding the best artist and perfect fit isn't as simple as just picking a resume!

☝️ The Art of the WiNKED Interview

First things first, every application gets a thorough review. Resumes and applications are like a first impression, and they tell me a lot about an artist's attention to detail and professionalism.

If everything lines up, then we move on to the phone interview stage. Here, we chat about experience, techniques, and of course, lash passion! This is where I get a feel for their personality and ensure they share our commitment to top-notch quality.

📲 From Phone Chat to Lash Application: The Audition

Now, things get exciting! If the phone interview sparks joy (and let's face it, lashing is all about sparking joy!), we move on to the official audition. The potential artist brings in a model, and for the next hour, they get to showcase their lashing skills.

🧐 My (Not-So-Secret) Weapon: The Tweezer Inspection

The magic doesn't stop after the lashes are applied! Think of me as a lash detective, wielding my trusty tweezers like a magnifying glass. Every lash undergoes a meticulous inspection. Are there any suspects (rogue lashes stuck together)? Did they achieve the perfect alignment for an undeniably glamorous look? This close scrutiny ensures each lash is flawlessly applied, creating a comfortable and long-lasting set you'll love.

❓Why This Rigorous Process?

It might seem intense, but here's the thing: lashing is an art form, and eye health is paramount. Finding a lash artist isn't just about skills (although those are incredibly important!). I'm looking for someone who possesses a deep understanding of lash care, prioritizes quality above all else, and shares the same level of passion for the craft that I do.

Lash Shampoo

💜 The Search for Lash Greatness

Building a team that consistently delivers WiNKED-worthy lashes is my top priority. My standards are high, and that's because I want to ensure each and every one of you receives the best possible lash experience.

So, next time you're rocking a fresh set of WiNKED lashes, remember the meticulous process behind finding the lash artist who made it all possible! They're truly lash superstars, and I can't wait to introduce you to them soon. Stay tuned for future newsletters where we'll be featuring some of our amazing lash artists!

Until next week, keep on winking! 😉

WiNKED Lashes & Permanent Makeup

The Safe Place for Your Face 💜

P.S. Have questions about the lashing process or aftercare? Hit comment and let me know! I'm always happy to chat lashes with my WiNKED Fam.


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