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WiNKED Lashes Get WiNKED Care: Introducing Our New Lash Care Line! 💎

Get ready to flutter those lashes with confidence, beauties! Here at WiNKED, we're thrilled to announce the launch of our very own line of premium lash care products, designed to keep your lashes looking their absolute best.

Whether you're a lash extension devotee or a proud natural lash lover, taking care of your lashes is essential. Our new product line has everything you need to achieve healthy, beautiful lashes that will make your eyes truly pop!

Introducing the WiNKED Lash Care Collection:

WiNKED Lash Shampoo: Say goodbye to lash buildup and hello to sparkling clean lashes! Our gentle, sulfate-free lash shampoo removes makeup, debris, and environmental pollutants without irritation. Perfect for pre-lash extension appointments and everyday lash care.

Reusable Lash Wands: Eco-friendly and oh-so-effective, our reusable lash wands keep your lashes looking flawless. These gentle, flexible bristles are designed specifically to comb through lash extensions, preventing them from tangling and keeping them perfectly separated. Plus, you're helping the planet by ditching disposable applicators!

Lash Extension Safe Mascara: Our specially formulated water-based mascara adds volume and definition without compromising the bond of your extensions. Oil-based mascaras can break down the adhesive that keeps eyelash extensions in place. Flake-free and gentle, it's the perfect finishing touch for your lash look.

Lash Shampoo

Coming Soon!

We're not stopping there! Keep your eyes peeled (literally!) for the upcoming addition to our WiNKED Lash Care line:

WiNKED Lash Growth Serum: This powerful, nourishing serum will be your secret weapon for achieving longer, fuller lashes (and even brows). 😉

Available Now & Coming Soon:

All our WiNKED Lash Care products are currently available for purchase in-store at WiNKED. And the wait won't be long for our online store launch – you'll be able to stock up on your lash essentials from the comfort of your home soon!

Taking Care of Your Lashes Has Never Been Easier:

With our WiNKED Lash Care line, keeping your lashes healthy and beautiful becomes a simple, luxurious routine.

Ready to experience the WiNKED difference? Visit us in-store today to explore our new lash care products! 🥰

With Love Always,

WiNKED Lashes & Permanent Makeup

The Safe Place for Your Face 💜

P.S. Follow us on social media for exclusive tips, tricks, and tutorials on how to get the most out of your WiNKED Lash Care products! IG: @winked_lv #winkedlashcare #lashes #lashcare #beauty

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