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Our Mission:

To inspire confidence in our artist and clients in a peaceful atmosphere with personalized services. 

Core Values:

Top-tier communication

Honesty & Integrity

Values Time

Values Cleanliness


Artist have the freedom and flexibility to create their own schedule, allowing them to take vacations as they like! We level up your client’s experience with private rooms, free Wi-Fi and a complimentary coffee bar.

At WiNKED, you are the CEO of your own thriving business as a lash or permanent makeup artist. Education opportunities will also be available as you are part of the team!


Request an Interview

We are looking for an artist to join our team and in our mission to inspire confidence and support others in their dreams! Apply now and we will get back to you if you meet requirements for the position. If so, you'll receive an invitation for further discussions and possibly an interview. 

Thanks for applying!

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